Tømmeråsen Nominated For Bergen Municipality’S Architecture And Urban Prize Award 2020

Two single family homes and one semi-detached house creates, together with an existing Swiss style villa, creates a small cluster with common gardens. The project is an example of a careful densification in an existing traditional residential area.

Emphasis is placed on quality at all levels; the architecture is modern with tight lines and good spatial qualities, at the same time the houses are carefully adapted to the terrain and the characteristics of the neighbourhood. Outside, there is a common shared place defined by large trees that have been preserved. Each home is unique and adapted to its situation with views of both the landscape and the nearby garden. Materials such as concrete, wood and steel have a long duration and, together with space-built furniture, provide a great degree of flexibility and good qualities.

Developed by Vidvei & William Arkitekter in collaboration with Kvalbein Korsøen Arkitektur.